Learn More About Our Process from Behind the Scenes

We documented several moments during the production of this film to help share what the creative process was like for the subjects and crew members.

Our Production Stills

Images taken while filming at several venues of opportunity.

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Downtown Shoot

Photographs taken while filming in downtown Toronto

Sunnie and Nick film B-roll of her coming to the courthouse and meeting with the judge to discuss the varied legal implications of separation and the options families have.

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Interview Shoot

Photographs taken while interviewing a subject at their home

Sunnie and Nick film an interview with Krista to learn more about the circumstances surrounding her separation and speak with her mother about how she supported her during this period.

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Poster Shoot

Photographs taken of subjects during a shoot for the poster

Sunnie and Krista direct Colette, Julia, and Yolanda as they model for the photographer. While Carmen takes pictures of the subjects Nick films B-roll of the process behind photo session.

    GALLERY 4    

Runway Shoot

Photographs taken while filming on an airfield for the trailer

Sunnie and Nick film a visual allegory the journey she embarked on while filming this documentary while also getting footage of the Toronto skyline for the trailer.

    GALLERY 5    

Vignette Shoot

Photographs taken while filming the narrative vignette

Sunnie, Nick, and Ron film multiple scenes that draw influence from her own deeply personal experiences to create a narrative through line within the documentary.