Planning Financial Independence After Separation

Learn about tax implications of separation agreements, mortgage options, and educational pathways for personal advancement.

Finances, Education, and Mortgage Advice

This volume features a collaborative financial expert and accountant discuss how to handle finances or submit taxes when newly separated. You'll also learn more about what returning to school would entail and hear advice from a mortgage broker on how to best maneuver after separating.

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Resource Content

Below you can see a sample of what is waiting for you to explore in this volume.

Learn about what financial services provided by professionals are tax deductible.

Learn about services that are provided to people at the start of their separation journey.

Learn about whether separation agreements such as spousal or child support are taxable.

Learn about how a mortgage broker can help individuals navigating a separation.

Hear about how one can pursue a higher education at a post-secondary institution if they have yet to finish high school.