Recognizing Signs of Unhealthy Relationships and Domestic Turmoil

Explore tactics for managing high conflict separations and recognizing the signs of domestic abuse in a relationship.

High Conflict Separation and Domestic Abuse

Features expert insights on how to approach marriages going through high conflict separations. You'll also learn about how to identify domestic abuse or signs that either friends or family may be the victim of an abusive relationship.

- Includes a breakdown of the "New Ways For Families" program developed by Bill Eddy, LCSW, ESQ. The Chief Innovative Officer & Co-Founder of the High Conflict Institute

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Below you can see a sample of what is waiting for you to explore in this volume.

Hear what a licensed therapist has to say about separation.

Learn about signs that may indicate someone close to you has a personality disorder.

Hear about how abuse can affect children even when directed at a partner or significant other.

Learn about different methods that can help prevent high conflict relationships.

Hear what you can do when you learn a loved one is currently in a hostile domestic situation.